Cooking Witch Mod Apk (FREE PURCHASES)

Cooking Witch Mod Apk
Cooking Witch is an addictive time-management game, where cooking can be achieved with magic in a fantasy land!

Different foods will be cooked in different places in our witch restaurant and made with different cooking methods in different environments that accompany the witch's journey. Different ingredients are used to cook fantasy food.

We will meet various customers in this fantasy land, for example, mage, princess, bard, and werewolf, etc. We will also see magic kitchen equipment such as fireballs, ice, sinks and magic tubs.

We decorate our restaurant with hearts so that we can attract more customers. In addition, we also make some magical food, for example, roasting dragon tails and ice man-eating octopus, giving you the charm of food experienced in this magical world.

We make a unique fantasy journey from the food you chase in the Cooking Witch game. Go to see what kind of beauty your story will bring!

Game Features:

1. different foods

2. Customers with special professionals

3. Take care of your dream restaurant

4. Become a great chef after getting tired of acting as a hero

5. a magical cooking experience

Cooking Witch Mod Apk (FREE PURCHASES)

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