CONNECTION Mod Apk (Unlimited Tips/Remove Ads)

Connection is a new IQ test using a puzzle game!

This is a connection game where you have to connect dots of various colors. There is no timer or pressure; the more levels you can clear without help, the higher your IQ:
• SIMPLE: connect dots that have the same color and fill in the blank dots to pass through the minimalist puzzle level.
• CHALLENGING: supported by the Infinity Loop team, this game is harder than our previous game, CONNECTION will challenge your logic skills, test your IQ and your ability to build a successful network.
• BEAUTIFUL: A CONNECTION between minimalist flat design and a soothing soundtrack will appeal to your senses.
• STRATEGIC: free from time limit rules, CONNECTION allows you to build your own strategy and connect the points as you wish.
• FUN: level by level, you will find yourself wrapped in an immersive and fun gameplay environment.
• FREE: EXPOSURE is completely free and you can play all the time at no charge. However, you can always buy hints to help you with more difficult levels or pay a symbolic price to remove ads.

This IQ game is also rethinking the IQ testing approach. Even though this is not scientific, this is your result:
• Play 200 levels in less than 30 minutes: IQ Above 145 - Genius
• Play 200 levels in less than 50 minutes: IQ above 130 - Very Superior
• Play 200 levels in less than 1 hour and 15 minutes: IQ above 115 - Superior
• Play 200 Levels in less than 2 hours: IQ above 85 - Normal
• Play 200 levels in less than 5 hours: IQ above 70 - Dullness
• Play 200 levels in less than 10 hours: IQ below 70 - Lack of limits

CONNECTION Mod Apk (Unlimited Tips/Remove Ads)

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