ChainChronicle Mod Apk

ChainChronicle Mod Apk
ChainChronicle Mod Apk The Legend of the Volunteer Army
◆ A new world with five protagonists! ◆
The independent adventure story of five heroes woven into a whole new world!
◆ An adventure story about destiny and slavery! ◆
Adventure stories are written by each partner's story, intertwined and intertwined!
◆ simple one-finger operation, gorgeous battle style! ◆
Easy one-finger simple operation, refreshing tower defense battle experience!
◆ legendary power inheritance. Fight bravely against strong enemies! ◆
The new inheritance system, the legendary power will last forever!
◆ voiceover character voice actor luxury! !! ◆
Ishida Akira / Uchida Maori / Sakura Ayane / Koiwai and so on,
Popular voice actors dub characters! !!
◆ Characters are drawn by fancy painters ◆
Famous painters participated in the picture! !!
Toi8 / HACCAN // Bifengyu and other famous painters, more than 100 people participated! !!
◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ Storyline ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆
In "Chain of War 3", there will be 5 main storylines starting from 5 regions including "King of Capital", "Sage Tower", "Nine Fire Leaders", "Desert Lake Capital", and "Elf Island" Five new heroes who different will start their own unique plot and adventure. Five main plots will be intertwined to form a larger adventure story. Volunteers who are active in the first and second parts will also become legendary heroes in "Chain of War 3", and will appear in the future to help support new heroes.
◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ Game details ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆
The total number of characters that appear is more than 800.
Each character has its own "fate story," and as it grows, there will be "fetters", "stories of encounters", etc., and deeper plots emerge.
In addition, when meeting certain characters, it will also trigger a hidden "storyline"!
The battle mode is that the enemy attacks from the left side of the screen, and our camp that reaches the right side of the screen is defeated by "action tower defense".
Not only has a simple operation, but also a battle system like a game to ensure that the needs of the core players are met! !!

BGM volume can adjust the attack power multiple
The last blow is poisonous
Last hit reward
3 times speed = 10 times speed
If the voice volume is full, the enemy will dead

ChainChronicle Mod Apk

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