Castle Defense King Mod Apk (Infinite Ruby)

Castle Defense King Mod Apk
Castle Defense King Mod Apk Prepare endless waves of enemies by strengthening castles, heroes and soldiers!

[Strengthening tips]
- Prepare your defense base by strengthening the walls and army first
- Try to combine unique heroes
- Finally, strengthen your tower and magic to challenge the war of conquest
- The higher the tower level, the stronger the magic.
- There are heroes who use skills every time they use magic.

[Strategy Tips]
It's easier to survive by using 3 types of spells
Fix magic: Improve wall health
Magic Bomb: Drop magic bombs to attack enemies
Ice storm: Slows down monsters that hit a snowstorm

- Massive waves of enemies
- The easy and simple defense strategy
- funny heroes and various monsters
- Conquer the challenge of war to its limits
- Compete against players in the world with clear waves of enemies
- Free to Play
- Offline games are supported without WIFI
- Low spec devices supported
- Tablet devices supported
- Achievements and leaderboards are supported

Castle Defense King Mod Apk (Infinite Ruby)

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