Castle Bane Mod Apk + Obb

Castle Bane Mod Apk
Castle bane is an RPG for experiencing dark rulers.
Restore "Castle of the Dark Lord" with various demons and heroes
We aim to unite the world by capturing human states.

▶ Special Features

Experience spectacular battle scenes with brilliant 3D graphics and a free display system.
Enjoy strategic battles that can play bands with various combos.
Fun directing skills will satisfy your eyes and mind.

"The Castle of the Dark Lord" floating in the sky is represented in 3D.
Now, this is a small castle, but the more you recruit strong heroes and restore magic, the more you develop into a large castle.

The Dark Lord is not one. You must choose the strongest Dark Lord
through the Colosseum with another demon-powered Dark Lord.

The story of the Dark Lord that can only be enjoyed in Castle bane
You will become the Lord of Darkness yourself and feel a broad world view.

▶ Scenario
A mysterious and eternal dark ruler 'Gramarion'
A 'Three brave warriors' appeared before him who had calmed the world.
The unexpected soldier invaded the Dark King's Soul into pieces and spread it to the world.

And three hundred years later
The world is once again ruled by humans,
They enslaved the devil and half-humans as slaves,
Some surviving friends were forced out.

Then one day, the Dark lord woke up
In a situation where the powerful magic power disappears, a terrifying sight opens before your eyes.

The Dark Lord, together with his servants, tried to rise again to free the oppressed demons from humans.

1. Damage Multiplier x1 – x1000 (Chooseable)
2. Defense Multiplier x1 – x1000 (Chooseable)
*Please read the Notes below before using this mod*

1. Android 6+ it is necessary to enable the storage & phone permissions in the app settings first (or game crashes).
2. On first start, the game will create in your /sdcard/ location a “PLATINMODS” folder with the platinmods_Castle Bane.txt inside.
3. The default settings on the first start are:
– Damage Multiplier=1000
– Defense Multiplier=1000
4. Open that file with an editor and enable the cheats you like.
5. Save the file and restart the game to apply the changes.

Castle Bane Mod Apk + Obb

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