Cartoon Evolution : Merge Them All Mod Apk (Money Cost for Creatures 0)

Cartoon Evolution : Merge Them All Mod Apk
Become a god and take evolution in your hands!

Take the opportunity to revive the world from scratch and develop it in a new way!
Combine 2 DNAs and see what you will get. Continue combining 2 of the same species to get new offspring and try to create humans to continue evolution!

- Many various creatures, humans, and aliens
- Location and colorful planets
- Several branches of evolution
- cosmic mission
- Free tap
- Simple but addictive gameplay
- Power-ups and prizes

Our Cartoon Evolution is not just one of the merged games. This is amazing and long-lasting entertainment with lots of things to do:

Experiment with DNA
Try yourself in the role of a geneticist! Mix DNA to rise to a new stage of evolution. Starting from the underwater world, create the first man and lead him from the Stone Age to a distant future.

Explore each stage to unlock the next
The main rule of all evolutionary games is to evolve the planet from an early stage. Always.

Take the combined evolution of humans to a new level
You have choices about how your humanity will develop. Will it follow the path of creation or destruction? In the clicker game, you can try all the lines.

New planet colonization
This evolutionary merging simulator gives you the chance to discover a new world and refill it. Try and find out if there are aliens in it!

Click again
In combining games, the key to success is gold. How do you get more coins? Fill this planet with as many people as possible.

Cartoon Evolution : Merge Them All Mod Apk (Money Cost for Creatures 0)

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