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Calibria: Crystal Guardians Mod Apk + Obb

Calibria: Crystal Guardians Mod Apk
Calibria: Crystal Guardians Mod Apk Collect heroes, choose your strategy and join the battle in this new 3D RPG!

Enter the world of Calibria where the battle to control the sacred Calibria Crystal has just begun. The crystal guards, ancient summoning clans, are powerless to fend off the enemies that surround their homes. Under the protection of the Gentry, you, the last of the clans, climbed to the Ark and sailed with the Calibria Crystals.

You are accused of protecting the Calibria Crystal. Track demons who wasted your home, defeat their leader, and restore peace to Calibria once again!

Collect and lead the greatest hero in Calibria to save the world forever!

Calibria: Crystal Guardians Feature

[Gather 200+ Extraordinary Heroes]
Collect more than 200 heroes from 5 different factions, each with their own unique skills. Enjoy epic battles with hundreds of legendary heroes! Arrange the ultimate army to fight against the forces of darkness!

[Evolve the Skill of Your Favorite Heroes!]
Which hero skills will you improve? Up to you! Each hero has their own skill tree. Skills can be unlocked by learning them in battle or by developing your hero. Complete the magic sign to further increase the stats and strength of your hero. Pair your heroes together and open incredible combos!

[Victory Claim with the Best Strategy]
Heroes come from 5 factions: Lawful, Chaotic, Evil, Light, and Dark. Choose your hero and choose the right runes to strategically assemble your troops. Endless combos and counter heroes await your discovery. Your troops must be flexible enough to challenge missions at the Top of the Tower, Main Stages, Arenas and Catacombs, each with their own amazing prizes!

[Manual or automatic battle? Up to you!]
Tired of knocking? Don't hesitate to choose between Manual and Automatic Battles! Play at your own pace and get it easy!

[Fighting with or against Players Around the World!]
Send your hero to help your friends get their own victory. Unite and fight with other players together in the guild to move up the leaderboards and reach the highest glory!


Calibria: Crystal Guardians Mod Apk + Obb