Beat Jumper: EDM up! Mod Apk (Unlock all balls)

Beat Jumper: EDM up! Mod Apk
Beat Jumper: EDM up! Mod Apk Beware of the most addictive Endless - bouncing ball game‼ ️
The latest Amanotes game will keep your eyes glued to the screen!

Your goal is to jump to the highest level you can. Move left or right and jump automatically from the edge of the platform, to jump and collect diamonds!

You will like these features (♥ _ ♥):

◉ Non-Stop together
◉ Go wild with your Traffic Jam
◉ Thrilling beats
◉ One-Handed
◉ Illustration, tripping, bouncy graph
◉ Latest EDM songs
◉ Upload your own song

How to master your bouncy ball:

- Listen to your beats, use your amazing reflexes, bounce your 3d bounty ball from different bouncing plates.

- Follow the flow of your rocking music and you will never miss a jump to bounce your sparkling ball!

- Make a crazy shake, jump faster.

- Share your crazy scores to let your friends know they have been reflected.

Free songs and amazing prizes are waiting for you to reach!

Beat Jumper: EDM up! Mod Apk (Unlock all balls)

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