Basketball League – Online Free Throw Match Mod Apk (UNLIMITED COINS/CASH/NO ADS)

Basketball League – Online Free Throw Match Mod Apk
Basketball League – Online Free Throw Match Mod Apk Basketball league takes basketball free throw games to a whole new level! With various levels of passing goals and obstacles, you will find a new basketball game with exciting challenges!

Players need to practice the skill of throwing boards and cleaning shots for different level requirements. In some levels, you need to hit the board with additional bonuses or aim at moving the basket. Wait for the energy bar to reach the top and make a fireball to burn the net!

3 different game modes
Participate in different games to experience 1v1 excitement, classic arcade challenges, or use different techniques/tools to complete level objectives. You can join a basketball career through hundreds of challenge levels, or compete with other players in the 1V1 arena! Whoever wins the game will get all the entry fees! In mini-game mode, you can save multiple arcade tokens for lottery and classic basketball throwing machines. How far can you be on the leaderboard?

Beautiful basketball court and stylish basketball collection
In this game, players can start fierce competition at seaside resorts, large stadiums, or street basketball courts. You can also choose a basketball with a funny look like a panda or yellow duck, or use it from the Super Rare basketball collection with special effects. Each basketball is designed for different levels in the game, to help you pass levels more easily.

Hundreds of challenging levels
A good basketball collection
6 different basketball courts with beautiful views
4 innovative tools help you to pass levels easier.
3 game modes which include career, 1v1 and mini-games.

Basketball League – Online Free Throw Match Mod Apk (UNLIMITED COINS/CASH/NO ADS)

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