Baby Shark Match: Ocean Jam Mod Apk

Baby Shark Match: Ocean Jam Mod Apk
Baby Shark Match: Ocean Jam Mod Apk Be a part of Ollie & the Shark Family's marine life, full of unexpected surprises!
The Baby Shark Pinkfong song, an international phenomenon that has swept over 1.4 billion views worldwide, now with its own version of the Match-3 puzzle game, Baby Shark Match: Ocean Jam!

【Special features】
• Join Ollie, Baby Shark in 5 different game modes!
• Aim to make more combos to create unique Shark Family boosters & get higher scores!
• Unlock special prizes every time you get 20 coins!

5 Different Play Modes for Diving!
• Save Our Friends! - Save Baby Shark's friends trapped in bubbles by sending them to Sea Urchins! Their pointed edges will help them free themselves!
• Play Hide & Seek! -The Sharks family is hiding somewhere in the middle & it is your mission to find them with your matching skills!
• Sand Cleanup - Clean up the mess caused by Sand to keep the sea clean!
• Discover the Treasure Ocean - Create your best match to help William find new treasures in the ocean!
• Twinkle Twinkle Starfish - Let them glow Starfish! It's up to your matching techniques to free them!

1. Menu
If you don't the menu button, give storage and Overlay Permission
2. Auto win
You can Activate during the level or before
Very important: deactivate first after you completed the Level, if not you loose

Baby Shark Match: Ocean Jam Mod Apk

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