Ayakashi Rumble Mod Apk
An onmyoji who protects the human world.
The story begins with the head office "Yonyo Dormitory".

"Izuna, Ayakashi from the Great Inu, who will help you from today!
"Thank you! I am Asukas, my lord Shikigami! Thank you!"
He takes a mission with two living friends, where he finds a mysterious crystal.

"——One person —— Let me help ... !!!!!!"

Add the girl "Nagi" that comes out of the crystal to her friends, and start the adventure to defeat the evil entity "Magatsuhi".

◆ Story (Main Quest)
The main scenario is full volume!
Ayakashi Rumble! You can enjoy a pleasant world!
Complete the search and try the next search or higher search!

◆ Battle of Akuma (Quest Raid)
Defeat a very strong boss who can't be beaten alone!
Collaborate and defeat strong enemies!

◆ Alliance (guild)
Form alliances with your friends and enjoy the world of Ayakashi Rumble!
After breaking through the tutorial, you can form, join, or leave the guild anytime!
You can assign one guardian deity from five bodies: fire, wind, water, light, and darkness!
Each has the characteristics of a guardian deity skill, which is automatically activated at the start of the battle!
Guardian deities can be strengthened! Use your alliance and god guardian to challenge your enemies!

◆ Shikigami (unit function)
Use your attributes, weapon types, platoons, and skills to advance your quest in a profitable way!
Attributes: 5 types: fire, wind, water, light, darkness.
Weapons: 5 types: slash, hit, stab, shoot, and operate the tool.
Platoon: 3 types: avant-garde, middle guard and rear guard.
Skills: Each Shikigami has up to three skills.
「" Mystery "which can be activated arbitrarily by consuming spiritual power during battle
「" Special Attacks "are activated after a number of normal attacks
「" Characteristics "which shows the effect only by being regulated

◆ Open spirit (increase)
You can increase your level and status by releasing the Shikigami spirit!
You need bead and money to release your enthusiasm,
You can collect a lot in the quest for pearls and coins in the training area!
You might also need special beads that can be obtained during the Akuma battle! ?

◆ Battle
Enjoy fighting skills "intercepting" fun!
Defeat the evil entity "Magatsuhi" with Shikigami!
Cute Shikigami avatar shoots enemies!
Activate Shikigami's "mystery" to gain battle advantage!
Various abilities exist, such as restoring allies, increasing abilities, and reducing the ability of enemies!
Use your skills to advance battles in a profitable way!
When "BURST" is activated, the entire ceremony is activated simultaneously!
Let's destroy the enemy with a raging mystery storm!

◆ Interaction (character episodes)
As you strengthen Shikigami, stories about each Shikigami are released!
Enjoy the world of Ayakashi Rumble!

◆ A variety of unique Shikigami available!
All Shikigami that appear in the game are beautiful and high-quality illustrations! !
Shikigami is a cute avatar in the battle section! !
Enjoy adventure & battles with beautiful and cute Shikigami!

▼ "Ayakashi Rumble!" It can be played anytime and anywhere on a smartphone or PC in collaboration with DMM!
・ People who like anthropomorphic characters.
・ People who like the personification of beautiful girls like foxes or youkai
・ People who are looking for Japanese-style RPGRP
・ Those who like the DMMGAMES series
・ People who like youkai girl characters
・ People who like beautiful illustrations.
・ People who like line defense
-Those who want to play games easily by going, automatically
・ People who like various beautiful girl games
・ People who are looking for Moe characters and Moe games
・ Those who want to play crunchy games
・ People who like RPGs to adventure with beautiful girls
・ People who love caring for girls
・ People who like characters with mythological motives
・ People who are looking for beautiful girl games that can be played for free for a long time
・ People who want to enjoy new battles
・ People who like Japanese style games like Shikigami and Ayakashi
・ People who like smartphone games are surrounded by beautiful girl characters
・ Those who want to play a new game


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