Atelier Online – Alchemists of Braceir Mod Apk (Atk x10/Def x10/Always Our Turn)

Atelier Online – Alchemists of Braceir Mod Apk
Atelier Online – Alchemists of Braceir Mod Apk Popular RPG for the "Atelier" series of houses
Online RPG for smartphones appeared!

■ Welcome to the Royal Academy! You are an alchemist

The name of the hero you wear becomes the name of your atelier!
At the Royal Academy where many students go,
A world adventure to target a single alchemist,
Meet people and open your way!

■ free alchemy RPG that you can enjoy without stamina! ■

Devils and items collected that change with time, weather!
Walk around the field freely,
Let's enjoy collection, preparation, battle.
If you switch to Multiplayer mode, friends and more
Enjoy the adventure, fighting, and harvesting with players!

■ High level of the alchemy of freedom! Equipment, items prepared by themselves ■

Gather ingredients and prepare goods, tools, cook for yourself!
Improve material and inherent characteristics
Easy operation and fulfillment of recruitment elements!

■ Search experience enriched with extraordinary scenarios! ■

Scenarios and epic searches such as household RPGs,
You can enjoy requests. Various characters and voice actors
The main scenario Full Voice!
When the mission as "alchemist" is deceived,
What choice did you make?

■ Popular characters from this series also participated! ■

Many popular characters also participate in the "Atelier" series!
Rorona, Mary, and others, popular characters from the past appeared.
You can enjoy fans of the series along with the original screenplay.

Atelier Online – Alchemists of Braceir Mod Apk (Atk x10/Def x10/Always Our Turn)

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