Ankora Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins/ Unlocked)

Ankora Mod Apk
The Interstellar Patrol Team 5 explorer, suffered a serious accident with the spaceship and had to make an emergency landing on Planet Ankora. This is a very large planet, full of contrasts and dangerous monsters, but Mûn is a brave explorer with great survival skills and fearless adventures.

The only way to ask for redemption is to unite the parts of the transmitter that were lost from the spacecraft during the landing, which is scattered in various remote locations on the planet. With all the parts, he will be able to build antennas and send distress signals.

Life on the planet Ankora is not easy, to survive Mûn must overcome hunger and thirst, look for food and water, cook their own supplies and fight against the elements: rain, freezing winter in the north and hot summer in the desert, the night the full length of danger ...

But soon he will get unexpected help: ANK. ANK is a primitive race that has lived in harmony in Ankora since ancient times. They are kind and divided into tribes involved in different occupations: farmers, fishermen, traders, craftsmen, hunters, and tourists.

Mûn has a lot to learn from ANK, who will be happy to help him share his culture: teaching him to make tools, buildings and structures, jewelry items, all kinds of food, recipes, and even magic potions. In return, Mûn will also provide his assistance through countless missions, specializing in every job and becoming a sincere ANK.

Ankora has a large dimension, divided into 144 quadrants, Mûn has a great exploration work in this wild world, where nature has grown at will. Mûn has to learn to overcome obstacles: rivers, lakes and waterfalls, large rocks blocking roads, mountains, level jumps ... And lots of monsters. But nature will also provide the materials it needs to move forward and survive: wood, stone, metal and wild plants. Soon he learned to open his own way because Ankora is a changing and unique planet.

Although Mûn will start the adventure with his bare hands, the ANK tribe will accompany him to share his secrets and show him to make useful tools. Hammers for building structures, shovels for digging or lifting terrain, saws and pickaxes for collecting wood and stone, hoes for processing and harvesting ... and spears and hunting bows to defend themselves.

A key task to survive will be to make her own objects and manage the resources she finds on her adventure. Mûn can collect a lot of items in her backpack: different materials, survival tools, food and special items. These objects can be combined in many ways using the kitchen and the working table. As Mûn learns new recipes, her skills and her chances of survival will multiply.

Ankora is the second game from the Deiland saga. If you enjoy the adventures of Prince Arco on the small planet Deiland, you will surely love this new experience of exploration and survival. You will find many mechanisms and styles similar to Deiland, but also many new features that enhance and expand the game in this world. In developing Ankora, we have tried to cover up many of the requests we receive from users and we hope that it becomes a fun and interesting title.

Ankora Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins/ Unlocked)

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