Zombie Dead Target Killer Survival Mod Apk (God Mode)

Zombie Dead Target Killer Survival Mod Apk
Zombie Dead Target Killer Survival: Free game
Kill zombies and survive until the war ends in this zombie game.

Under the supervision of a biologist, scientists are working on very high profile formulas. That can be a breakthrough for centuries. This virus can cure all deadly diseases.
The laboratory is in a very safe underground facility. Scientists run tests on various animal subjects in zombie games. But one day, something went wrong, a virus known as a zombie virus showed undesirable characteristics in animal subjects. Suddenly the subject starts attacking other animals and members of the facility due to the zombie virus. Now only people survive in this zombie shooting game.

Zombie Attack:
The point is, affected subjects who become deadly zombies have transferred the virus to other people when they make contact with them. They all showed the same behavior from an increase in the immune system and hunger in zombie shooting games. In short, they became monsters and science named them zombies for their death free game.

War on Zombies:
This game fully displays war zombies to save humanity. His dead body attacked humans and other animals to make them alone with their death game. Cities have been turned into ruins and roads have remained empty all the time. What can people see, do zombies roam here and there in zombie killer games?

The mission of this game is full of action and adventure. You will play the role of a hunter who hunts zombies for the sake of humanity. You will protect the survivors from zombie attacks. Apart from that, you will also kill zombies to clear the way.

Use Assault Guns:
You will be given several weapons to fight zombies in the game. This includes small SMG machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns and more. You have to show off your best shooting game skills. Show no mercy to monsters and try to shoot as many zombies as you can.

Many Missions:
There are many zombie shooting tasks to complete with various levels. As you progress and complete more missions, the level of difficulty also increases.

Easy Control:
Control shooting zombies is very easy. Even players of all ages can play the best fps games easily. You get a joystick on the left side of the screen to control the movement of the zombie shooter. You can drag the screen to clearly see the battle area.

Dead Zombies Target Killer Survival Attack Features:
Realistic 3D graphics
Simple controls that are easy
Horrible visuals and sounds
Missions in different games
Various kinds of weapons
Including sniper killing missions
Survival mode and stronger zombies
Expandable zombie counter weapons

Zombie Dead Target Killer Survival Mod Apk (God Mode)

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