Welcome to Primrose Lake Mod Apk (Full Version Unlocked/All Levels Purchased)

Welcome to Primrose Lake Mod Apk
Welcome to Primrose Lake is an offline time management game from "GameHouse". Game Story revolves around the lake and you will have amazing time management gameplay. Gamehouse games are mainly based on time management gameplay....

This time has a new mystery story about two strangers. This story will move when you complete 60 different levels. A new Time Management mystery game, where you need to solve mysteries and meet different mysterious strangers. Lake Primrose is the main object in the game because the story revolves around it. To complete it, you must complete all different levels in 5 different businesses. Because this is a time management game, you must complete all levels in time to get higher ratings and stars. The gameplay is no different from other Gamehouse games but the story is different and fun.

Each environment stars its own character with a new type of fun time management. Keep a complete inventory of the locals at the General Store, and hope every picky girl and man at Adventure Island Rentals. Talk about fresh breath. Dash through the Diner in the frenzy of making cakes. Enjoy lots of lattes at the Cafe. Just when you think you've seen it all, it's time to investigate the dark corners of local knowledge in the Historical Society and Bookstore.

But it doesn't just track time. The mystery is woven throughout the game with 20 sketches bound to intrigue. Stay sharp, or you might miss clues that are scattered throughout the game.

Welcome to Primrose Lake Mod Apk (Full Version Unlocked/All Levels Purchased)

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