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Trucker Real Wheels – Simulator v3.6.8 Mod Apk Money

Trucker Real Wheels – Simulator Mod Apk
Trucker Real Wheels – Simulator Mod Apk Take the role of a truck driver, transport various items, get money and restore the city.
Test your skills in difficult road situations, use differential locks and low gears, overcome difficult mountain roads and snow.

Open a new factory, use strong trucks to transport goods, overcome difficult weather conditions, make your way with trucks on the road.

It feels like a truck driver, transporting goods using large trailers, you can transport wood, iron ore, cars, trucks, tractors.

A realistic truck physics simulator, you can adjust the height of the suspension, the rigidity of the shock absorber, change the tire to achieve the best off-road grip.

Excellent 2D graphics, detailed trucks and cars, Headlights that function for night trips, truck and car customizations are also available for you, you can change the color, wheels, and tires of the car.

More than 30 different factories, return all factories and companies, more than 30 different types of cargo, starting with simple boards, ending with trucks and cars.

If you want to be a truck driver, our roads will help you, in a game of more than 50 roads, 6 types of terrain, Forests, Fields, Mountains, and hills, Deserts and Winter.

Also in the game, there is a timed race, take your truck or car, take part in the race, enter the leaders and all players will know your name.

Changes in dynamic weather conditions, changes in day and night, rain, snow, make your way through all the difficulties up on the road in your car.

During the trip, you can turn on the differential lock, use the lower gear, use the boost button, monitor the engine temperature, otherwise you have to pay for repairs, refuel the car so that it is not left on the road without fuel.

Trucker Real Wheels – Simulator v3.6.8 Mod Apk Money