Totally Battle Simulator Mod Apk (Menu mod/Auto win/Remove ADS)

Totally Battle Simulator Mod Apk
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a fun physics-style battle simulation game where you have full control and you have to plan your strategy in the battle to win the fight. This game uses a sophisticated physics engine that adds an unparalleled level of realism and fun to the gameplay.

You can place various types of Truly Accurate Battle Simulator units in endless different formations on the battlefield to create your own battles and have endless fun. Examples of units include cavemen, Viking longboats, Roman legions, and bow archers, feathered mammoths in the next tab game update. and Hundreds of units are represented all the time.

This strange physics-based tactic helps players re-create most of the Really Accurate Battle Simulator in history ... with a twist. You can gain pleasant insights about our greatest warriors, military units, and heroes that have ever existed in the world and made them fight to the death.

Experience the battle of the Truly Accurate Battle Simulator throughout the ages with different time periods including the Stone Age, Middle Ages, Vikings, Renaissance, and even ancient history such as Rome and Greece. The different units and time zones currently available provide very large variations in TABS games.

Aside from cool physics-based physics simulation, the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator also has some brilliant maps and game modes. There are currently 8 different maps available - each of which represents different historical regions of our part of the world.

Players can also fight in various TABS game modes including sandbox mode, and single-player campaigns. In addition, the tab game uses sophisticated art battles and campaign creators - this allows players to develop their own military maps and demonstrations.

When playing this physics-based tactics game, which faction will you try? Each faction has a different choice of units. The medieval faction, for example, had bards, bodyguards, archery, slingshots, priests, and knights. Or, the Stoner Age has stone-throwers, mammoths, and bone mages!

the features
- Various units with different abilities
- cool battle physics
- 3D graphics

Have fun and fight!

Totally Battle Simulator Mod Apk (Menu mod/Auto win/Remove ADS)

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