The Wolf Among Us Mod Apk

The Wolf Among Us Mod Apk
The Wolf Among Us are five parts (Episodes 2-5 can be purchased in the application) from the creators of The Walking Dead, winner of more than 90 Game of the Year awards. Fairytale characters are being killed in a mature, loud and mature thriller based on the award-winning Fables comic book series (DC Comics / Vertigo) by Bill Willingham. As Bigby Wolf - THE big bad wolf - you will find that brutal and bloody murders are just a taste of things to come in the game series where each of your decisions can have enormous consequences.

• Based on the Eisner Award-winning Fis comic book series
• Now, it's not only WHAT you choose to do that will affect your story, but WHEN you choose to do it
• Adult and sandy characters take from fairy tales, legends, and folklore that have fled to our world
• The perfect place to start your Fable journey, even if you haven't read the comic book yet; This game is set before the show looks at the first edition

All Episodes Unlocked for free (go to buy them, it’ll be free)

Unlock all paid chapters

The Wolf Among Us Mod Apk

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