Texting Love Story: ChatLinx Mod Apk

Texting Love Story: ChatLinx Mod Apk
Texting Love Story: ChatLinx Mod Apk Get ready for a whole new experience in choosing your story game enriched with chat-based gameplay! Be among the first to try Texting Love Story: ChatLinx - a revolutionary text-based adventure game, and see what makes a unique love story filled with real defining choices and completely different paths. This amazing "Otome romance" game perfectly combines elements of mystery, suspense, true friendship, and love, and we guarantee it will soon be your number one chat story! Download this free interactive text story game and enjoy making important choices while trying to face one of the most difficult challenges your middle school crew has ever faced. Your texting adventure starts NOW!
✨One SMS story - multiple endings and various results! ✨

Texting Love Story: ChatLinx FEATURES
💕 Anime love stories rise to a whole new level!
💕 Customize your avatar and play as yourself!
💕 A very important choice and ends in many different paths!
💕 Open premium options in this "Otome love story"!
💕 A unique experience sending messages and chatting in your favorite game!
💕 Addictive storylines, carefully thought out storylines, carefully developed characters and many customization options - all available in our new "SMS story with pictures"!
💕 All that and much more in Texting Love Story: ChatLinx - the best "text messaging app"!
💕 Our new "anime romance game" is here only because of you!

Free purchase of coins, disabling ads and unlocking all items;
When spending coins increase.

Texting Love Story: ChatLinx Mod Apk

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