Storyngton Hall v39.3.0 Mod Apk (Stars are not wasted)

Storyngton Hall Mod Apk
Storyngton Hall Mod Apk Just imagines you are in a large room full of respectable men and spectacular women in flashy dresses. A high-class society from the Regency era in one place and everyone is staring at you. You are the most famous and important person in the room. All nobles and women really wait in line to get a small part of your attention. And the reason is simple - you are the host of this ball. All you have to do is send invitations, decorate dance halls, and wear the most amazing dresses ever! Do you think it is as easy as it sounds? Try it yourself! You really can do it!

Storyngton Hall opens its doors for adventurers and lovers of romantic stories! Take the key from your own mansion and dive into the plot with many discoveries and turns!

Meet and greet guests. Follow their stories and learn new facts about them.
Play match-3. Solve puzzles, get prizes and let the story continue.
Decorate your house. Place new furniture, extraordinary interior design, garden landscaping, and adjust your home as you like.
Dress up. Choose the dress that looks the best from your giant outfit.
Magnificent football host. Prepare your ballroom, invite everyone you know and have the best ball of all ages!

Storyngton Hall v39.3.0 Mod Apk (Stars are not wasted)

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