Squad Conflicts Mod Apk (No recoil) + Obb

Squad Conflicts Mod Apk
Squad Conflicts Mod Apk
Squad Conflict Features:
- Enter the fray and count every bullet as you let it tore down four awesome battle arenas
- Choose from four unique Warrior Classes each with special skills from the Engineer Class who can use Towers, Weights with their Riot Shield, Sharpshooters with Tactical Visors and Medical Personnel with Adrenaline
- Each Warrior Class has dedicated special weapons including Smart Grenades, Seeker Bombs, Auto Mines, and Biotic Emitters
- Choose from an armory with enough firepower to take down an entire nation!
- Equip yourself to enter in all the blazing machine guns, become more tactical with a sniper rifle or handgun or grab a rocket launcher and go to kill big
- Follow the streets of the deserted shopping mall hall, Middle Eastern city, sunlit port, or Japanese village
- Win the 'Spoils of War' with each conflict and tool for the next battle
- Train or modify your knights to give them new skills on the battlefield from 'ghost' stealth 'ghosts' to superhuman Recovery and Rage skills
- Take on the world, or friends and compete to dominate the leaderboards
- Complete deadly missions to win more 'war booty'
- Compete in one-time events, big battles and global battles in this fast shooter

Squad Conflicts Mod Apk (No recoil) + Obb

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