Slime RPG – Classic RPG Game Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency)

Slime RPG – Classic RPG Game Mod Apk
Introduction to Games

▶ WOW, Your Discovery is the best RPG game!
Want a deep hunt?
Yes, This single offline RPG game! Come on
Real classic offline RPG

▶ Raise the white slime heroes
Slime hero game that hunts cute slime
Raise the white slime heroes who become real humans!

▶ Authentic best RPG performances
Enjoy the classic 2D RPG game.
A simple 2D RPG game that isn't easy for you to see
Side-scrolling that doesn't interfere.
Cool hitting sensation
Real classic RPG

▶ Hack and slash game
Lots of slimes is in the fields.
Quick and cool slime for hunting games!

▶ Addictive field hunting
So far there has been no level-up the game.
The only slime appears! The sense of achievement is getting stronger!
Did you find games like maple games? This is it!
Fell into Maple's memories as a child.
The best 2d hunting game!

▶ Explore the stage
Hunt for giant slime and explore the stage.
Increasing enemy slime appears!

▶ Various slime hunts on hunting grounds
Meet various slime, ancient slime, and boss.
Slime of the full-screen amount!
Hunt for slime boss and proceed to the next level!

▶ Discover the ancient Arena dungeon game
Collect items from the ancient Arena prison game
This is a real farming game!
Collect goods and strengthen through goods farming.

▶ Collection of various artifacts
The boss hunts and becomes stronger through a collection of artifacts.
Get various artifact effects and get stronger!

▶ Aura Effect
Collect aura effects
Attack and Defend!

▶ Strengthen character in the training area
Automatic hunting in the training room makes it even stronger.
Support automatic hunting specifically for training grounds!

▶ Easy and simple upgrade of equipment with one button
Use your order to strengthen your equipment.
Upgrade your ATK and make it easier to hunt for stronger slime.

▶ Various tasks
Perform tasks assigned by frogs, such as diamond orders and gold orders
Get various prizes for playing games.

▶ Boss Raid
Hunt for a boss that appears every 5 minutes!
Collect boss raid tickets and collect boss artifacts!

▶ Infinite Underground Arena
Try a stronger character!
Let's become the strongest in the Arena without limit dungeons with infinite stones!

▶ Ranking system
Compete in various ranking fields!
Raise the level to the highest in the ranking.


[How to play]

Prepare to battle through training at the training ground

Funny but dangerous hunting of slime

Strengthen equipment to prepare combat poisons

Kill the big slime

Enter the new area!

Slime RPG – Classic RPG Game Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency)

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