Ship Escape – Mystery Adventure Mod Apk (Ad-free tips)

Ship Escape – Mystery Adventure Mod Apk
We are - researchers, small crews looking for sea adventures. Our route runs not far from the Cuban islands. The small, but a comfortable boat that sails along the waves with good wind.

The crew's goal is to solve the mystery puzzle assigned by one of the scientists to us. He is talking about an ancient map, which is a puzzle. The professor dismantles a ship puzzle where they are told about the ancient genus of the Spaniards. After transporting ancient artifacts and treasures, these people must constantly survive on the ship each time they enter the vortex of events, play ship games and puzzles in real life. For us, this task is - the hardest puzzle we have ever done. There are various mystery games, but today we are happy with multiple games, wanting to progress to new ship adventures and board a cruise.

But in life, there is something different and you never know where your ship will lead next time to try your luck and maybe get into the most extraordinary adventure, survive at any cost. On our journey, the captain and the ships ahead in the nearest radius reported that, according to the latest weather forecast, there was a large black storm cloud ahead of us, that is, a storm.

The captain decided to do something like a puzzle to escape the storm, that is, maneuvering, his expertise was always at the aerobatic level. To get through the storm, then return to our destination to follow. As a result, the storm did not succeed at all, the ship damaged. It needs to be involved in repairs more likely because such a ship cannot go long in such conditions and can switch to a sinking ship. Ship repairs cost a small fee, arguably free in Russian ("free").

We were ready to go further, but the transmitter intercepted distress signals, again searched for horror, escaped from the ship, which still could not pass through the element and enter the storm. Without hesitation, we went to rescue. Already accustomed to going into misery or sea adventure! What can fate bring to us again?

When they arrived at the scene of the accident the children who sent the SOS signal, it was clear that no one could escape from the cruise ship. There is a picture of cloth that floats clothes, debris, and a few boxes. I just feel an unpleasant feeling thrown by a terrible ship like these people trying to escape from titanic.

Then something happens that you learn by playing this game ...
... the ship began to panic, riots. Some crew members fled from the box in the lifeboat. We can suffer, we can say, full-scale collapse. Still only you, around anyone, where did everything go and what to do in this situation? Life turns into a quest for survival. You must go through the path of survival on the ship and return alive. Remove these ghosts from your memory will not be so easy. The damned ship will dream for a long time ...

Play for free in English, as well as in other languages.

The main advantages:

- Extraordinary interesting story.
- stylish graphics.
- Many puzzles (search).
- An interesting original story with hidden objects.
- Puzzle game, play with your family!
- Suitable for adults and children of all ages.
- There is no time limit.
- Don't have Wi-Fi? Play offline!
- Continue in the same place if there is no time to play now.

Ship Escape – Mystery Adventure Mod Apk (Ad-free tips)

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