Real Fishing Mod Apk (High Damage/Unlimited Currency/Hooks)

Real Fishing Mod Apk
"Real fishing" - the most realistic and live fishing simulation game of 2020, now fully released! There are 13 fishing locations around the world. 150 types of fish from different varieties there. Prepare a complete set of fishing gear, sail to sea, and enjoy the fun of fishing!

"Real Fishing" has the most realistic fishing experience on your mobile, allowing you to experience the pleasure of fishing that is unprecedented. Whether you are new to fishing or a fishing expert, this game can give you the most authentic and exciting fishing experiences!
Improve your fishing skills in 13 fishing locations around the world, from Kalimantan to Mauritius, from the Mediterranean to Malacca, then to the Bering Sea and Angel Island. Catch unique local fish and challenge fish king everywhere!
After you gather your mature skills and extraordinary abilities, you can choose to challenge the legendary mysterious fish farm! There will be more rare and strong fish in this foggy sea, and it is even more amazing that they will have a lot of treasure lost in their stomachs! Fight more flexible and faster opponents, defeat them, and get the treasure, you are the king of fishing!

[Game Features]
Realistic and clear game graphics, ultra-realistic fishing simulation experience
A super casual fishing game that can be played with one hand
13 fishing sites around the world waiting for you to challenge
150 different fish species waiting for you to catch
Nearly one hundred tasks to help you improve your fishing skills
Hundreds of fishing gear for you to choose, all types of fishing rods, fishing rods and fishing rods

Real Fishing Mod Apk (High Damage/Unlimited Currency/Hooks)

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