Puppet Soccer 2014 Mod Apk

Puppet Soccer 2014 Mod Apk
Smash the ball and score in this addictive soccer game! Choose your favorite world cup team and play as a famous footballer. Attack and defense tactics when you climb the steps of the 2014 World Cup!

With more than 32 countries and 90+ individual players, this 2014 World Cup soccer match will challenge the masterminds at most! Do you have what it takes?

The road to victory has never been easier, so unlocking bonuses that will drastically increase your marionette team's chances at the Gold Medal! Aim your large headline and perfect your kick skills to destroy your opponent's defenses. Use slime, ice, and gum to your maximum advantage in attack skills! Become The Nox Pigskin Puppeteer!

Feel the atmosphere of Brazil 2014 at Sock Puppet World, a large stadium in Brasilia in this epic marionette tournament. Watch Mexican waves that push your offense skills to the maximum but are not dangerous.

Improve your offense skills & unlock new sock puppet characters as you collect coins for goals and wins. Who will be the best puppeteer? Active game!

Puppet Soccer 2014 feature:
⚽ 32 countries
⚽ 90+ marionette cartoon players
⚽ 10 special bonus games - chew gum, ice, slime, money, big and small balls, gypsum, superpowers, spring, speed, silver shield
⚽ Improvement: kicking, jumping, speed
⚽ Multiplayer Splitscreen screen for two players on one device
⚽ Achievements, high scores
⚽ Marionette World Cup 2014 from noxgames in Brazil
The best physics for balls and crazy goals

After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the menu mod where you can enable stupid bots

Puppet Soccer 2014 Mod Apk

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