Predynastic Egypt Lite Mod Apk (Mandatory builder)

Predynastic Egypt Lite Mod Apk
A turn-based historical simulation strategy will guide you through the history of Egyptian Predynastic. Starting from 5000 BC you will guide nomadic and humble Egyptian tribes through all the difficulties towards prosperity and power that culminates in the Unification of Lower and Upper Egypt.

Be prepared to witness the evolutionary breakthroughs that allowed the early Egyptians to march to distant lands, fight disasters, difficulties and finally establish the first Egyptian state. Will you be able to replay the events that have happened historically or will you finish off your young royal head into a forgotten historical record? Get in-depth knowledge of events that occurred before the era of Classical Egypt through this unique game.

- Simulation of the ancient world
War, drought, enemy invasion, epidemic, internal chaos, migration of tribes, religious ceremonies, exploration of distant lands, celebrations and more than 100+ other events and trials await you in the game!

- The technological evolution of humanity
48 historically accurate technology and Predynastic Egyptian cultural achievements with interesting descriptions, will show the evolution of human technology in the example of Egyptian civilization.

- Mysteries of Egyptian religion and culture
You will see the birth of a unique religion from the Nile River civilization, starting with a belief in spirits and ending with Predynastic Egyptian gods and you will learn secrets that are only known by Egyptian archaeologists and scientists!

- Map of reconstruction of Ancient Egypt
Accurate reconstruction of geographical maps of ancient Egypt from 5000 to 3000 BC, taking into account climate change in the period when the Sahara was Savannah and not a desert and the Women were rivers and not roads.

- Reconstructed Hierakonpolis City
Accurate archaeological reconstruction of Hierakonpolis - former Egyptian center Predinastik. You will build real homes, temples, and tombs, which were dug up by archaeologists in the XX-XXI century.

Predynastic Egypt Lite Mod Apk (Mandatory builder)

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