Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk (Mod menu/ Unlimated Ammo/ Autoload ammo/ Incresse key vapacity/ No ability cooldown) + Obb

Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk
Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk Pico Tanks is a fast-paced and energetic 3v3 tank fighter with a strong focus on team strategy.
Design your own unique tank with thousands of possible combinations that change the gameplay. Join your friends and compete in spectacular 3v3 battles on various maps and game modes! Communicate with your team and overcome your enemies to claim victory in the real-time PvP battle arena that is focused on this team.


Compete in fast action with friends or be matched with other players of the same rank. Go head-to-head in intense real-time 3v3 battles with several modes available:
● Hold the Flag: Your team needs to capture the flag and hold it for the longest before time runs out.
● Take Cargo: One mighty tank on your team must pick up cargo before your opponent and drag him to your base while the other team members survive.
Attack your enemies, heal your allies, hide in the bushes, swarms of sheep! Many more game modes will be added in future updates.

Design a tank that suits your team's style and tactics. You can also exchange customizations during battles to your advantage. Crazy and creatively design your own tank with a large amount of customization!
● Satisfying Weapons: Choose weapons that fit your playing style. Like long-distance? Maybe Sniper Rifle is perfect for you. Prefer close range to get closer and personal? Try the Potato Launcher (fresh potato shoots).
● Load Up or Load Light: Choose a tank base with the statistics you need for your chosen weapon. The more armor, the more abilities you can carry, or the light to penetrate the battlefield.
● Power-Ups: Abilities are everywhere. Deploy airstrikes to complete your opponent, or throw a repair package to your friends. This can really break the game!
● Personalize Your Look: Your tank is only entitled to the best of skin and topper. Customize your tank with several characters and expressions. Tear off the battlefield with Pizza antenna skins and Rubber Ducky antennas, we won't judge. Crazy, showing off, looks amazing!

When the smoke is gone, meet with your team and adjust strategies to improve your skills. Upgrade your tank, climb the scoreboard, and get involved in a dynamic community. Open skins and toppers as you progress. Collect scrap metal to improve your tank base, weapons, and abilities.

Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem Mod Apk (Mod menu/ Unlimated Ammo/ Autoload ammo/ Incresse key vapacity/ No ability cooldown) + Obb

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