Pet World – My Animal Hospital Mod Apk (Unlimited gold coins and diamonds)

Pet World – My Animal Hospital Mod Apk
Pet World – My Animal Hospital Mod Apk Lacerations, torn muscle fibers, and mosquito bites - cute animals that need your help! As a respected veterinarian, you can treat sweet pets like dogs, foxes, and pandas. Manage your own hospital and research new diseases and treatments.
Various Minigames
Be it a bruise, a broken leg, or a bad intestinal infection - the initial examination shows the first symptoms of the disease. Here you will set the diagnosis in a series of interesting mini-games. Important tools such as a stethoscope or thermometer will help you. If you have found the right symptoms, the animal is sent to the appropriate ward. There you can continue to treat your pet with other methods, such as X-rays or ultrasonography.

Caring for 10+ Cute Animals
Funny animals from all over the world will come to your clinic. Friendly cats and dogs from your environment meet exotic species such as ocelots, polar bears, koalas and pandas. They are all waiting for your treatment to recover, and their realistic but cute portrayal will soon steal your heart.

Decorate Your Hospital Individually
The more patients you maintain to stay healthy, the more success you get. Make room for more animals and expand your patients and treatment rooms. Spruce up your hall with new plants, paintings and rugs and place them where you want them. Improve the outdoor area and give your patients a stunning view of the waterfall.

Manage Your Own Pet Clinic
Keep an eye on your inventory. Food, ointments, medicines and bandages are needed every day - make sure there is always enough supply. Every now and then, you will find some hidden coins or medical bags on clinical grounds that will help you keep your stock.

Together we strong
Of course, you cannot complete all of these tasks yourself. Hire more nurses and doctors to help you. They do some work for you and take care of your animal welfare.

Postcards From Your Former Patient
You have a scrapbook at your clinic reception that you can use to collect a thank you letter from your former patient.

Pet World – My Animal Hospital features
★ Manage your own pet hospital
★ Learn the daily duties of veterinarians
★ Check and care for cute animals
★ Play interesting mini-games
★ Collect coins and daily prizes
★ Open various treatment rooms
★ Customize your clinic using various decoration options

Pet World – My Animal Hospital Mod Apk (Unlimited gold coins and diamonds)

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