Original Robot War Mod Apk (ATTACK/DEFENSE)

Original Robot War Mod Apk
Original Super Robot War ”is a chess war strategy game (SLG + RPG. As a high-quality item with hundreds of original robots, Game players can increase their strength according to the robot collection as well as pilot and robot training. What's more, this game has specific 3D particle performance. Loaded with lots of original content and classic stories, Original Robot Strategy brings a cosmic epic war to the player.

Game Features
• A classic robot war game that is played with chess war
New and comfortable operation. Reappear classic gameplay and combine it with cellular features. According to the wise game being played, intelligent positioning, manual critical strike spirits and so on, gamers can take the opportunity to give fatal attacks to opponents. The special PVP mode presents a brilliant battle between the players.

• Restore special robot attack scenes and animations
3D high definition images. Return the robot's special attacks and sounds to add immersion and realism to the game.

• System characteristics with varied playing methods
Diverse gameplay, Multitasking systems, and Diversified Incentive schemes always leave you surprised in battle.

• Hundreds of popular robots come on stage, super robot wars
Hundreds of robots that increase their strength in accordance with the collection of robots and training of pilots and robots finally entered a mortal battle to win.
Associated with the three robotic attribute features (attack, defense, additions), the game can create many unique playing style methods with a variety of skills and passion placement.

• Incorporate lots of original content and classic stories
Entered a lot of original content in Robot Wars, the story includes many robot animations and additional special effects. In a game set in the background of the Cosmic War story, like Gundam, gamers can operate their favorite robots to fight, join the fight against the destroyer - Pilots, Fight for victory!

Original Robot War Mod Apk (ATTACK/DEFENSE)

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