New Romance of the Three Kingdoms Mod Apk + Obb

New Romance of the Three Kingdoms Mod Apk
New Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a real-time 3D multiplayer online strategy game based on Koei Tecmo Games, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI. This title, licensed by Koei Tecmo Games, was built to continue the classic tradition of this Battle Strategy Game series, utilizing strategy as its core design principle.

Feel the unlimited possibilities given by ten thousand players who fight on more than 1 million map tiles. Recruit Generals, develop your Cities, create elite Weapons and create military factions, or join with other players to plunder and plunder, expand your collective territory as you compete for the Imperial Throne itself!

In this Strategy Battle Game:
· Recruit generals in the background of the period of the three kingdoms to fight and occupy the world.
· Develop and promote the capacity of your favorite generals, and learn about the history of the three kingdoms by participating in the plot.
· Gain and gather materials to promote your loyal generals by experiencing those stories.
· Looting or looting depends on the capacity of the state and your army, which are the lords and leaders.
· Get ​​the glory and rise to power through battle.
· Find like-minded friends to organize your own army. Together attack other cities and seize enemy homes to satisfy your ambitions and achieve your own unparalleled career.


New Romance of the Three Kingdoms Mod Apk + Obb

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