Lost Age Mod Apk (High DMG/Dumb enemy/NO ADS) + Obb

Lost Age Mod Apk
Lost Age Mod Apk "Lost Age" is an original and original RPG adventure game with dinosaurs and primitive characters as its theme. The game has the characteristics of being brave to innovate, funny graphics, a refreshing battle, easy to use and has rich gameplay and content. The game takes real skills and level gameplay as the main core, which allows players to experience a variety of rich skills, level design, easy-to-use equipment, pets, and talent systems. This is a really fun and easy game to play.
What if the meteorite did not land on Earth? This game tells the story of the dinosaur era that did not experience a meteorite crash but was still reproduced when humans appeared. In a peaceful and primitive tribe. They live peacefully with dinosaurs who are also human friends. Until a group of evil wizard tribes appears, they capture dinosaurs, turning them into their fighting tools. Peaceful primitive people need to penetrate layers to finally defeat the evil tribe and save themselves and dinosaurs.

Lost Age Mod Apk (High DMG/Dumb enemy/NO ADS) + Obb

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