Lord of Thrones Mod Apk (MENU MOD/ DMG MULTIPLE/ DEF MULTIPLE) + Obb

Lord of Thrones Mod Apk
"Lord of Thrones" is a multiplayer online war strategy game. You are a knight in a fantasy world. Try to manage your people and improve the city and technology. Build your alliance to expand the territory, and defeat the enemy with global players. Strengthen your strength and be master!

Enjoy battles in a perfect fantasy
Choose a natural barrier as a defense? Or mobilize the scout team to distract the enemy and other teams to attack their weaknesses? It's time for you to show a great strategy in the world of this western cartoon game. With a magnificent city and beautiful metal texture details, this epic fantasy masterpiece will take you to the real battlefield.

Find a balance between Attack and Defense
In a limited field, one person can defend against ten thousand. Abuse, investigate the enemy's situation to seize the opportunity and select a favorable place for a breakthrough. For Defense, organize the defense and strong support to disrupt the enemy's plans to counterattack. The situation is unpredictable. Hold your steps and enjoy the excitement.

Experience deep battle with 3D graphics
Take advantage of the best opportunities to release the ultimate skills to defeat enemies and enjoy the sensation of the battlefield. 3D graphics allow you and your allies to enjoy every detail of the battle, no matter in the whole war situation or legion confrontation. Use your strategy and win the game.

Evernight - Different Last Man Standing gameplay
Evernight silently appears everywhere and triggers mysterious changes. Lord of Thrones introduces the gameplay of Last Man Standing for the first time, making the battlefield more amazing and interesting.

Fantasy combination of heroes
Epic heroes, such as King Arthur, Hector, Beowulf, Hattori Hanzo, and Diana will come! High defense, strong damage, group healing, dodging, and other types of heroes await you. Combine skills with deployment to easily face a variety of strong opponents. In addition, there are also 107 different PVE stages for you to take the best combination strategy.

Manage people and prosper the city
With your protection, more and more people flow into your city. Assign them to enhance various buildings based on their talents with your finger. Here are other casual gameplays. Come and enjoy your prosperity!

Global Joint Operations
Alliance or war, offense or defense? Play with global players and change the war situation with your mind. Every detail of your kingdom's affairs in this 1,000,000 seamless plots will be recorded as a great epic.

Lord of Thrones Mod Apk (MENU MOD/ DMG MULTIPLE/ DEF MULTIPLE) + Obb

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