Knives Crash Mod Apk (A lot of gold coins)

Knives Crash Mod Apk
Knives Crash Mod Apk Do you want to be the best Knife master among your friends? If so, come and join us!
Attack with greater strength
Navigate your way through this knife game to destroy your opponents and collect knives. The more knives you collect, the better your chances of running and attacking your opponents with greater force.

Defeat your opponents
Destroy your competition and cut their knives, gather them to grow your strength later. You can also kill your enemies with defenses!

Collect prizes
Improve your score and win an interesting Blade Hero: Battle Royale Io Prize!

How to play Knives Crash
• Launch the game
• Press the play button to match with your opponent
• Control the direction of your knife
• devour smaller opponents and grow in size
• Collect all knives to win a level

Features of Knives Crash
• Intuitive and hassle-free UI / UX
• Exciting battles
• Blade Heroes features interactive controls
• Collect knives and grow stronger
• Score to unlock prizes
• Automatic matches with global players
• Challenging gameplay
• One-tap volume control

Knives Crash Mod Apk (A lot of gold coins)

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