Jungle Adventures Mod Apk Money

Jungle Adventures Mod Apk
Jungle Adventures Mod Apk On a beautiful sunny day, Addu and his girlfriend were eating apples together and enjoying life and suddenly an evil monster appeared from a deep forest out of nowhere. The evil monster captures Addu's girlfriend and escapes into the deep forest. Addu is on an adventure to save his girlfriend by defeating the monster and teaching him a lesson.
To restore Addu's girlfriend, she needs your help. Run and jump through the deep forest, avoid traps and clear all enemies in your path and defeat all bosses.

Jungle Adventures Feature:
+ Classic gameplay
+ Simple but beautiful graphics
+ Easy and intuitive controls
+ Ability to double jump
+ More than 80 unique levels
+ Tons of boss battles
+ Suitable for all ages

Jungle Adventures Mod Apk Money

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