Infinity Run Mod Apk (You can get unlimited diamonds after getting diamonds)

Infinity Run Mod Apk
Infinity Run is considered one of the most addictive games in the category of music games that are played with various types of balls, ranging from colors to shapes. This game uses tilt as a favorite soccer game for the players to follow.

With the aim of bringing players the best experience in terms of this year's global soccer championship, this game has just been updated with a new football background, along with 2 new soccer battle songs and 3 new ball shapes.

Infinity Run creates an extraordinary space to experience one of the most addictive games and music games with incredible speed while rolling the ball on the road.

Game rules:
The game requires players to rush in a ball race, which is usually a slope, to catch the slope speed and beat the obstacles placed on the ball race. Like other music games and addictive games, Infinity Run requires players to keep up with the music to switch lanes on time by tapping on the screen. The speed of the rolling ball will become faster and faster when you reach higher levels. So it will be more difficult for players to catch up with their rolling balls when they are in a hurry in a ball race or even high tilt.
Music games have always been a priority for players who love music. To make Infinity Run one of the best music games and addictive games, we combine two main factors in our slope gameplay: music and speed. The reason is that most people who love music can't always be in a hurry to chase the speed of a ball that is rolling when it turns out to be much faster on the slope.

- Complete 100 extraordinary challenges
- Get ranked by collecting XP
- Collect 50 balls (including 5 secrets)
- Receive daily prizes
- Open 25 ball races
- Compare your high scores with players around the world
- Chasing the most skilled players in the whole world

Infinity Run Mod Apk (You can get unlimited diamonds after getting diamonds)

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