Idle Sweet Bakery – Cakes Factory Mod Apk (Unlimited Cash/Diamonds)

Idle Sweet Bakery – Cakes Factory Mod Apk
Idle Sweet Bakery – Cakes Factory Mod Apk' Develop and run your own candy factory. It's up to you, what kind of sweets will be produced there.
Hire a baker who will help you make the ideal cake.
You decide how many and what helpers you will have.

Try to build an entire production line and develop your sweet empire.
In your sweet factory, you can develop certain stages of production in various ways, changing it, updating it, and replacing equipment with new ones.

Set up your own company and become President. Invite your friends and play together, complete daily tasks and improve the company - use lots of shared bonuses.
Become a sweet millionaire!
The expanded ranking system allows you to compete with players from all over the world!

Grow your sweet factory by building and upgrading work stations, recruiting employees, and cutting production costs.
You decide to sell candy faster or wait for clients to pay more.
The fate of the whole sweet factory is in your hands!

Invite guests to Confectionery, develop and improve your sweet accomplishments to the top of the rankings.

- more than 200 building upgrades
- almost 20 various products
- more than 10 types of employees
- almost 100 company increases
- more than 10 improvements for each product
- more than 150 achievements to get

Idle Sweet Bakery – Cakes Factory Mod Apk (Unlimited Cash/Diamonds)

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