I Am Warrior Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

I Am Warrior Mod Apk
"I Am Warrior" to provide you with unprecedented operating experience
★ Compared to previous games, we reduce game consumption and increase output
★ Strengthen the battle parts of the great swordsman, making the battle more dependent on the great swordsman
★ Jump, roll, dough, break
★ 10 types of great swordsmanship skills waiting for you to unlock
★ 17 weapons forces match
★ defeat the statue of the enemy's trust to win
★ You can get diamonds in endless mode, the possibility of a decrease of about 2%
★ You can't do your best in Endless Mode, because once your unit has entered the White House Magic Gate, they will betray the White Army. Remember!
★ Endless mode, if you enter the magic door, the battle has ended

I Am Warrior Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

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