Hotel Empire Tycoon – Idle Game Manager Mod Apk (Money during purchases increases)

Hotel Empire Tycoon – Idle Game Manager Mod Apk
Hotel Empire Tycoon – Idle Game Manager Mod Apk Start running a small hotel and work hard to make your business grow. Improve every detail and turn your simple installation into a five-star resort.

Enlarge your hotel room, add luxury furniture and flashy decorations, enhance all amenities and comfort, and make your guests happy to offer the best leisure activities.

Run all possible types of hotels and spend your income strategically to make your empire bigger. Prepare the perfect hotel staff and manage services more efficiently.

Be the perfect host for your clients and improve your facilities, offer delicious food and drinks, expand the swimming pool, keep the room clean and build competitive suites. Take advantage of your idle activities and reinvest your income with a business vision.

Take responsibility for the human resources department and manage your staff efficiently: hire a lifeguard for your pool, provide a driver or masseur for your VIP clients, hire a porter, chef or bartender and recruit maintenance and cleaning service workers. Choose carefully your business decisions and form a solid work team in your hotel empire.

Lead in free time activities to entertain your guests. Arrange scuba diving courses, skiing lessons, spa sessions and a walking tour around the area. Don't forget to increase comfort in the walls of your hotel. Provide the best room service possible, decorate your hall well, improve the rest area, offer the best catering and buffet in town, or tender your laundry service to visitors during cleaning time.

Start in a small hotel and grow your business by opening a mountain hotel, luxury bed & breakfast, exotic cottage, or apartment complex. Enjoy all types of accommodation and complete everything with details from the reception desk to the bedrooms and suites. Your guest will want to stay forever! Provide them single, double, triple or even King rooms.

Hotel Empire Tycoon – Idle Game Manager Mod Apk (Money during purchases increases)

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