Horror Hospital 3: Dead Way Mod Apk

Horror Hospital 3: Dead Way Mod Apk
The third series of Horror Hospitals continues with paranormal activities. The road is quiet in the middle of the night. Walter and Melissa ride their motorbikes. Suddenly, they see a ghost right in front of them and they fall. Melissa was injured and they had to repair the motorbike. They had an accident in a lonely and uncharted city ...

Everything seems to work against them! And the nightmare begins!

Walter and Melissa found the file in the hospital and escaped on a motorcycle. But how? Creatures hunt their bodies and souls. They are lucky to have a weapon option.

If you like adventure and action, be nervous like steel! There are creatures to hunt you down! Zombified body chasing you! In an extraordinary environment, the floor is covered with blood ...

All roads cause fear. The hospital is once again filled with dead souls ...
Once again, excitement filled with fear, adrenaline leads to nightmares and the road of death ...

Alot of love
You can get it after entering the game for the second time.
o enter the game card novice tutorial, first click the pause button, then click “skip” in the upper right to skip

Horror Hospital 3: Dead Way Mod Apk

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