Hoop League Tactics Mod Apk (Unlock paid full version)

Hoop League Tactics Mod Apk
Hoop League Tactics Mod Apk Hoop League Tactics is a new view of the genre of sports management simulation. Take control of your basketball team and lead them to victory in turn-based tactical action. Manage your players between games by improving their skills and finding the next prospective customers to join your army. Whether you prefer to control every action or watch from the sidelines, how you decide to play the game is entirely up to you!

- Turn-based tactical gameplay featuring three-pointers, dunks, blocks, steals, and more.

- Create and fully customize multiple basketball leagues by changing team names, uniforms, and even court colors. Edit the name, appearance, and ranking of any player.

- Choose a league and bring your own basketball team through in-depth Season Mode.

- Draft players, negotiate contracts and improve your team after each match with player development and skill trees.

- Manage the fatigue of your players and stay fresh with expense management to prevent injury. The players will eventually retire after they have played too many seasons.

- Play, watch or simulate your own games and other team games throughout the league.

- Increase fan support and team chemistry to get more revenue to buy team upgrades and attract players at lower costs.

- Complete statistics tracking for each player and team in various categories.

- Get individual achievements for your players from the various end of season awards.

- Qualify for a postseason tournament and lead your team to the championship.

- Continue playing for several seasons and win as many championships as possible!

Hoop League Tactics Mod Apk (Unlock paid full version)

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