Hit & Knock down Mod Apk (A Lot Of Diamonds/Coins)

Hit & Knock down Mod Apk When you hit a target with a ball, the target will fall or explode.Achieve a stage score to be deleted then challenge the next level.

[Game mode]
- Ball limit mode: Hit the can, Break the plate, Target score, Hit the fruit
- Time limit mode: Hit the target folder, Shoot the parachute, Hit the oil drum, Hit the roly-poly toy
Hit & Knock down Mod Apk

[Hit & Knock down Feature]
- Enjoy various game modes with simple controls.
- Various balls supported (baseball, bowling, volleyball, soccer ball, billiard ball)
- Challenge mode: the road to the best world record.
- Offline mode supported.
- Multi-player mode supported.
- 16 languages supported.
- Achievements & leaderboards are supported.

Hit & Knock down Mod Apk (A Lot Of Diamonds/Coins)

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