Hit And Run Mod Apk

Hit And Run Mod Apk
Hit And Run Mod Apk More monsters!
Wave after wave, monsters never stop!
Heroic adventurer, you must pass through endless monsters and face the ultimate Demon King.
At that level, you can get skills each time after upgrading. Choose carefully, a good combination of skills can help you pass levels better.
Remember, if you fail, you will start from the beginning!

Hit And Run Features:
1. Roguelike shooting super casual game, every time is a new experience.
2. One-handed operation, easily reducing pressure, one arrow kills one monster.
3. Hundreds of skills are combined as you like and will never be repeated.
4. Extreme steps challenge the boss, can you graduate unscathed!

Unlimited currency
Network disconnection to enter the game

Hit And Run Mod Apk

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