Hair Dash Mod Apk (Infinite Diamonds)

Hair Dash Mod Apk
Hair Dash is a fast-paced action game, pitting your sheep against the Octopus King and his pack of Pirates. Very jealous of your beautiful and seductive hair, the bald (and brave!) King Octopus invaded your island, beginning to discover the secrets to extraordinary manes. Featuring core gameplay that is easy to learn but difficult to master, Hair Dash is difficult and useful. When playing, you will be able to unlock various adjustment elements for Charming, the protagonist, with the above design. Will you be skilled enough to defeat King Octopus on each level and to compete with other players in our Endless mode?

- Fast gameplay that will test your reflexes and strategy.
- Various customization elements that cannot be opened.
- Compete against other players on our leaderboards and see who is the best!
- Go through the stages that pitted you against King Octopus and rewrite the island's history!
- Not all about tapping without brains! Many situations will test your intelligence, reflexes, and strategy, so get ready!

Hair Dash Mod Apk (Infinite Diamonds)

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