Grand Summoners Mod Apk (x10 DMG/x10 DEFENSE)

Grand Summoners Mod Apk
This is a story about storage and bonds

After the land that the group of Gods and Asmodians had fought for supremacy, Rakutoherumu.
Hundreds of years from the ancient War, people have enjoyed a peaceful era.
However, everyday peace tells the end suddenly.

Along with the resurgence of Asmodian, who had been oversealed.

[Character decorates the story]
Try starting to call on old adventure heroes!
Michibike for world peace in your own strongest team!

[A fun automatic battle]
Very new sense operation × flashy action!
Good mastery of skills and equipment in easy tap-and-drag operation!

[Up to four simultaneous Multiplayer]
Bond is to heat up the battle!
Stand for the mighty boss together with the whole country of adventurers!

[Graphic commitment is drawn]
Units, bosses, backgrounds ... all of the exceptional quality!
From the highest peak, which gives confidence to the RPG fan chart!

Grand Summoners Mod Apk (x10 DMG/x10 DEFENSE)

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