Game Of Earth Mod Apk (Infinite Leaf)

Game Of Earth Mod Apk
Game Of Earth Mod Apk Welcome to Game Earth!

You are the president of Earth 2.0. You can make this world a better place in your government. Anyone will dream of being in your place because you use unlimited power to make the world great again.

You will make wise and timely decisions, fund and invest in projects that allow your world to flourish.

Only you know how to outwit people who lie to climate change and greedy capitalists so that your world continues to grow because you are the supreme commander.

You will determine the direction of the world for years to come. You will face challenges. You will face difficulties. But for better or worse, YOU will lead the world.

Determine your approach to each balancing clean air, citizen growth, and your treasury funds.
Make important decisions!
Weave a plot and uncover a conspiracy!
Prevent revolution and bankruptcy!

Game Of Earth Mod Apk (Infinite Leaf)

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