Game Dev Master – Tycoon Story life simulator Mod Apk

Game Dev Master – Tycoon Story life simulator Mod Apk
You can play the role of a dev game tycoon and create your own dev game story. As a CEO, you must do your best to operate your company well in this dev simulator game and enjoy life simulator games.

The company started with 30 thousand in the early stages, so you must continue to develop the game so that life can enjoy life simulator games. Funds and technology points can be obtained during the development of game and studio and simulator game companies. Technology points open up more types of games, game themes, and various new technologies to enjoy life simulator games.

What is really needed in the company's development process is the addition of new employees. Employees who are recruited can increase the efficiency and profitability of the game. But remember to screen employees and train them to enjoy life simulator games. The higher the attributes, the higher the rewards employees bring to the company and the company's studio and simulator games. But remember, the salary is also very high. So you need to balance the costs of enjoying a live simulator game.

During the game, there will be constant random news or dynamic events. If you can understand the changes in the market environment and collaborate with the development of popular games, game sales will increase rapidly and enjoy life simulation games.

With the development of gaming companies, the company's popularity will be even higher and more enjoyable life simulation games. When will you be on Star Studio's board of directors? Can't wait to see it enjoy the life simulator game.

"Game Dev Master" is a simulation game that simulates how to create and manage corporate games and studio and simulator games. Players simulate running in-game game studios and create your own tycoon dev game stories enjoying life simulator games.

A series of achievement goals are achieved through game research and development, improving technical research, marketing, employee training, and improving studio conditions and enjoying life simulation games. You are a manager and you must learn the art of management to make yourself a game tycoon enjoying a life simulator game. You have the opportunity to become a landlord tycoon by becoming a game archive monopoly and creating your own game dev stories and company studios and simulator games. And there will be some unexpected events during the game to make the game more fun and more realistic and enjoy life simulation games.

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Game Dev Master – Tycoon Story life simulator Mod Apk

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