Freestyle Mobile – PH (CBT) Mod Apk (Alway Goal/NO ADS) + Obb

Freestyle Mobile – PH (CBT) Mod Apk
Freestyle is the only rule, the world-famous Street Basketball game finally arrives in the Philippines now!
This is a real-time MOBA 3-3 Basketball game that you have never played before! The new multi-player basketball game with a mix of hip-hop, bringing streetball right to your fingertips. Build your team, adjust your players and dominance in the exciting world of street basketball!
- Main feature
Classic game 3 on 3 and a half fields or challenge your friends in a 1-to-1 match among various other game modes. Play exciting rhythmic hip-hop music and unique street graffiti backgrounds; adjust your player's skills and accessories to make it stronger and show off your unique style.
- real-time
Competitive and authentic real-time basketball game with instant voice and screen communication. Coordinate with your club friends to dominate the court. Feel smooth control for the first time!
- Extraordinary moves
Open the luxury basketball movement that you won't see in a typical basketball game! Drive to the goal and dunk upside down on your opponent, bounce the ball under your opponent's leg and layup, shoot a beater, and land a shot from outside the three-point line! Open new Graffiti and move it to grow your players and take your team to a higher ranking!
- Special player
Stop wearing the same shirt for each match. Dress up as a superhero, your Mohawk style, play your team's mascot costume, there are no rules on what you can wear on the field! Customize players with your unique style and create the coolest-looking team on Streetball World!

Freestyle Mobile – PH (CBT) Mod Apk (Alway Goal/NO ADS) + Obb

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