FPS Encounter Shooting Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/Unlimited Ammo/No Reload Time/ADS Removed)

FPS Encounter Shooting Mod Apk
FPS Encounter Shooting Mod Apk Welcome to the new shooting game offered for free. You will play as the main soldier in this new action game 2019. We are proud to present a new shooting game in the play store, especially for fps game lovers. The challenging package & action fps new shooting mission of this shooting game makes this action game stand among the top 2019 action games.

FPS Encounter Shooting FEATURE:

01: Free and Offline Shooting Game
02: 500+ Thrilling Shooting and Shooting Missions
03: Modern Weapons (Snipers and Assault)
04: Easy and Intuitive Handgun Shooting Control
05: Advanced AI-Based Enemies: The Challenge Is Real
06: Interactive and Action Themed Environments:

Addictive gameplay and modern weapons from this shooting battle game will make your free time fun. You are a commando soldier in this action battlefield and it is your job to shoot at enemy soldiers. This is an FPS Shooting game including a series of deadly weapons, modern weapons, combat weaponry, and more. You are an expert soldier with the command of elite forces, so come on the front lines and lead an active battle. You have a lot of modern metal & modern shooting skills that are complemented in this new game and you have to show yourself that you are the modern trained commando in the world. In the history of free games, this shooting game is the best fps game for you.


Leaders come from the front lines and lead their command teams to success on every battlefield and battle. Your role is a sniper, the best assault shooter, and a modern-trained commando in this new shooting game 2019. Unlike other boring action games in 2019, this combat game is full of shooting missions based on thrilling storylines making it the best action game. . If you like new games, then this commando game will fulfill all your desires about shooting and killing. In this free game, you have modern weapons such as bullets, sniper rifles, assault rifles, pistols, and grenades, etc. Victory is sweet in shooting games and you have to show snipping skills, action game skills, and kill all hidden enemies. Warriors and gangsters Your criminal enemy is not a normal enemy; They are very dangerous in this new shooting game. If you want to kill all your enemy targets in this new action game, then you have to show them your sniper skills. You are the best army shooter and runner to fight in battles and battles in a shooting game environment. You have to shoot all the baddies with your bullets in limited time in this exciting fighting game.


This sniper action game has many missions to complete the task of command and shooting soldiers. If you will complete all these combat targets with a gun battle in advance, then you can win this strike game and survive this 2019. After completing each escape the free gun shooting challenge, you will change to the next war & battle challenge. You have many weapons like sniper rifles and bullets etc., but this will lock. So you have to unlock them to shoot all your enemies. This anger swat mission is the best game for you.

FPS Encounter Shooting Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/Unlimited Ammo/No Reload Time/ADS Removed)

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