Fox Hime Zero Mod Apk (Unlock chapter)

Fox Hime Zero Mod Apk
- 「The the more we learn, the more stupid we are.」
This is the era of discovery. The industrial revolution has just shown its strength. With new and increasing technology, humans are free from natural sensory limitations, and the limits of the cognitive world are developing at an unprecedented pace.

"Yan" is a student of natural history. Coincidentally, he was sent to a natural observation station on the mountain for scientific research.

「Even though the work is simple and boring, I can't find anything significant if giving up halfway.」
He began his journey of discovery with this conviction.
On the way to the unknown world, who is waiting for him? And what will happen between them?

Fox Hime Zero Features
* Live2D images are dynamic, even 2D characters are clear (especially ears and tails!) Dubbing * throughout the game according to Live2D images
* Complicated CG
* Dynamic performance

Fox Hime Zero Mod Apk (Unlock chapter)

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