Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer Mod Apk (Ad-free tips)

Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer Mod Apk
You run away from the horrors of the terrible Forgotten Hill house and finally return to your car, only to find out that your boyfriend is no longer there! Following some of the instructions she left behind, you find yourself in a horrible and strange Puppet Theater. Can you survive?
Follow this new challenging adventure on Forgotten Hill, solve interesting puzzles, search for hidden clues around the theater and investigate mysteries to escape.

- Beautiful and original graphics
- All texts are translated into 8 languages
- New hint system
- Challenging riddles and puzzles, work for your "little gray cell"
- strange characters that will twist your mind
- An interesting story that will help you unravel a piece of the mystery of the Forgotten Hill
- Sequel to the successful Forgotten Hill: Fall
- Totally Free, no hidden fees, no in-app purchases, no registration. Just install, play and enjoy!

Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer Mod Apk (Ad-free tips)

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